2WW referrals for suspected upper GI cancer: Covid-19 variance

Please refer all suspected Upper GI cancer to the 2WW team. At present direct access endoscopy is unavailable due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Note the following guidance:

  1. All 2WW upper GI referrals will be vetted by a senior clinician
  2. Please ensure you provide full clinical information and blood test results to help the triage process.
  3. Please inform the patient that the management plan may be STT endoscopy/scans and discharge if normal.

A 2ww referral for suspected upper GI cancers is through the normal upper GI 2WW form BUT in the absence of direct access testing (in this case e.g. gastroscopy or ultrasound), GPs must capture and detail a full history of concerns and blood test results on the referral form.

Please note if you feel the patient does not fulfil a 2WW upper GI referral and you feel advice would help you in decision making, please do you the ERS Advice and Guidance service.

For more information contact Sharon.cavanagh@nhs.net